The Pacemaker Researcher Grant
by Medical Research Lounge

Medical research lounge’s annual The Pacemaker Researcher Grant offers a funding opportunity of 50,000 ETB for one research proposal to be conducted in Ethiopia in any discipline related to observational clinical research. The Pacemaker Researcher Grant is intended to foster a new generation of clinician researchers by providing them with the necessary knowledge, skill and resource support to further their capacity and carry out problem-solving research in order to pace Ethiopia’s journey towards evidence-based clinical practice.

 Award Recognition Elements

  • A grant of 50,000 ETB
  • Full consultation in proposal development, conduct and publication of the research
  • Recognition in the official Awarding Ceremony


Application process

Applying for the Pacemaker Researcher Grant will take place in the following two phases:

Phase I: All interested and eligible individuals can apply for this phase.

  • Application requirements:
    • Application letter
    • A concept note of the research project
    • A maximum of four pages with the following format:
      • Brief background and rational of the study
      • Research objective
      • Methodology (study setting, period, design, sample size, population with eligibility, variables, operational definition, data collection plan with quality assurance, data management and analysis plan, and ethical consideration)
      • Details of work plan
      • Details of proposed budget
      • Reference
    • Curriculum vitae of all investigators
  • Application period: June 21 – July 14, 2024
  • Announcement of shortlisted applicants to apply for Phase II: July 22 and 23, 2024.

Phase II: Only shortlisted applicants can apply for this phase.

  • Application requirements:
    • Detailed research proposal
    • Curriculum vitae of all investigators
  • Application period: August 6 and 7, 2024
  • Presentation for final selection: August 14 and 15, 2024 (on the 2nd annual MRL research conference)
  • MRL will assign an advisor to applicants for this phase to help them prepare for the final presentation.



Eligible submissions to the Pacemaker Researcher Grant shall meet the following conditions:  

  • Research to be implemented in Ethiopia
  • Novel research
    • Research that is not submitted for or planned to be submitted for any program fulfillment anywhere
    • Research for which a grant is not already issued by any other institution
  • Research on observational clinical research (interventional research is not eligible)
  • The principal investigator must be an MD and a graduate of an accredited medical school.
  • All investigators on the team must be Ethiopians.
  • The principal investigator must reside in Ethiopia for the duration of the research work.
  • The principal investigator must be a clinician working in private or government owned hospitals or academic/research institutions in Ethiopia for the duration of the research work.
  • A team of at least five investigators from a multidisciplinary field that suits the proposed research project. And one of the investigators must be a medical student who completed at least 3 months of a clinical year study in the specialty field of the research project to be submitted.
  • The principal investigator must be a current member of MRL.
  • An individual should not apply in more than one concept note submission.


Evaluation Criteria

Awardee will be selected based upon evaluation of the following criteria:

  • Relevance of the research proposal
    • The proposed research should be novel, feasible and with a potential to contribute to evidence based clinical practice in the country.
  • Quality of the research proposal
    • Properly designed study
    • Multicenter study site
  • The principal investigator must be a current member of MRL
  • Active engagement of all authors in MRL CPD activities (To access MRL Courses Click here)
  • A team that demonstrates capacity to carry out research independently that will be judged by their engagement rate and number of certificates earned on the free MRL CPD activities
  • Applicants personal record on research related exposure (education/training/ previous research experience)(this criteria has little weight as the aim of the grant is fostering new researchers)

Application: To apply for phase I of the Pacemaker Researcher Grant, Click here. Please note that the application has to be made by the principal investigator.

Deadline: July 14, 2024

Further inquiry: email ( or text on telegram (@MRL_Admin/